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    BOO at the Zoo

    October 24, 2014

    BOO at the Zoo
    October 24 and 25
    5:30pm – 9pm

     October 26
    Noon – 5pm

    Looking for an “un-BOO-lievably” wild way to celebrate Halloween? Then make plans to join the aniamls for an evening of not-so-scary, high spirited Halloween fun!

    Admission – $5 per person/non-member
    $4 per person/member


    Amarillo Zoo’s MONSTERS!
    Friday, October 31
    6pm – 9pm
    Mysterious and unknown animals have long been a part of legend and folklore. Some animals thought at one time to be only figments of the imagination were later discovered to be real – such as the mountain gorilla, giant squids and Tasmanian wolves. Others are still rumored to be out there – waiting to be discovered like Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster. Some mythological animals were actually based on real animals like the Chupacabra, Unicorns and Werewolves. Come out to the Zoo for a journey to the unknown – see exhibits featuring living costumed recreations of such fabled creatures like the Werewolf, Bigfoot, Mothman, Minotaur, Yeti, Goatman and Chupacabra. Information exhibits will explore the legends on mermaids, unicorns, giant krakens and paranormal activities like ghosts. Also on display will be information on the real life “monsters” including the world’s largest toad and more!

    No candy will be handed out on this night but you’ll have your fill of fun thrills!

    Admission – $5 per person/non-member
    $4 per person/member