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    April 1, 2014

    Breaking News!!

    The scientific community has been rocked by the news of a live Sasquatch being discovered! The location of the discovery is being kept a closely guarded secret but rumor has it that it was discovered somewhere in the Northwest Pacific region of the United States.

    The origin of Sasquatch has always been clouded in mystery – many believe it is an undiscovered species of primate that has gone undetected throughout the years. Sightings of large hairy bi-pedal primates have occurred worldwide. Most famous sightings occurred in the Himalayan regions where the term “yeti” was coined. Many also believed that this animal may be a holdover of a large primate thought to have gone extinct over 10,000 years ago called Gigantopithecus blacki. This primate roamed the wilderness areas of SE Asia and stood over 8 feet and weighed in excess of 1,000 pounds. It is also theorized the pithecus, who was primarily a ground dwelling primate, may have been able to walk upright for short period of time.

    Sasquatch also known as Big Foot has been a common fixture in folklore throughout North America for hundreds of years. But, until now, evidence of its existence has only been questionable tracks, grainy out of focus pictures or videos or sketchy eye witness accounts.

    The Amarillo Zoo was chosen through a national lottery to be the first Zoo in the country to exhibit the Sasquatch. For one night only, Tuesday, April 1, 2014 the Zoo will be honored to exhibit this 8’ creature for guests to come see.

    Is Sasquatch a living Giathicus pithicus? Find out when you come out to the Zoo on Tuesday, April 1 from 6-8pm for a limited viewing of the first Sasquatch to be exhibited at a North American – in fact, first Zoo in the WORLD.

    General admission will apply. Other Zoo animals will also be out on exhibit (weather permitting) and Zoo concession stand will be open!

    Amarillo Zoo is located at NE 24th Ave and Dumas Highway inside Thompson Park